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RecruitLook is serving International athletes looking to get recruiting for scholarships in the United States. RecruitLook has International College Scouts ready to help student-athletes with their college recruitment.  It’s important for international athletes to seek college recruiting help when pursuing American Colleges. RecruitLook has saved families millions with scholarship funds, will you be next?  Scroll to see the RecruitLook Scout that can help you!

Lindsay Takkunen

Lindsay Takkunen will be scouting in Africa for RecruitLook. She currently resides in Kenya.

Takkunen was a multi-sport athlete growing up, and was fortunate to get recruited on a division one swimming scholarship. She has since dedicated her career as a coach and mentor for athletes seeking to further their education through sport.

Throughout her twenty-years of coaching (fourteen years of coaching internationally), she has grown to understand the challenges faced by international athletes. Many have a keen interest and desire to attend university in the US, but none of them know how to get started on the recruiting process. As a result, many international athletes look to other countries that are more familiar to them.

Over the years, she has counseled athletes on the recruiting process, and as a result several athletes have attended universities in the US and Canada.

Takkunen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the International Recruiting Team at RecruitLook, and her strengths in mentoring athletes on an international level are:

-Coach and athlete contacts in several countries including: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Algeria, South Africa, Philippines, Singapore, UK, Canada, and US.

-Strong knowledge of the major international curriculums including IGCSEs, A-Levels, IB Diploma, and Metric.

-Strong understanding of various cultural backgrounds and customs. This becomes extremely important when managing the expectations of parents and athletes

“Understanding that the world is full of talent, but not everyone is given the opportunity needed to grow and nurture that talent. My vision as part of the RecruitLook family will be to look for that talent and ensure it is provided with the opportunity needed to flourish and succeed.” –Lindsay Takkunen

Wallis Debourou

Wallis Debourou is leading the European division for RecruitLook International. He’ll be the liaison for international recruits coming to the United States.  Wallis currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

Wallis Debourou was born in Paris, France and raised in Benin (West Africa).  Wallis moved back to France from Benin when he was 12-years old to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional soccer player.  Wallis’ love for soccer led him to play Academy soccer at FC Bourg-Peronnas, which is an affiliated club to Olympique Lyonnais (also known as Lyon and they compete in France’s highest football division, Ligue 1). Wallis soccer career continued to skyrocket, and other European clubs were taking notice.  Following his stint with FC Bourg-Peronnas, Wallis was invited to play for Athletic Club De Boulogne-Billancourt which is an affiliated club to Paris Saint Germain.

Wallis moved to the United States in 2010 where he joined a prestigious prep school in Blairstown, New Jersey.  Wallis excelled once he got to the States — making the U18 New York Red Bulls Academy as well as the U18 Players Development Academy.

Wallis was getting recruited by American colleges ever since his playing days in Europe. He found the recruiting process for international players frustrating and hard to comprehend.  Wallis was fortunate to have connected with the right people, and play on the right teams for better recruiting exposure. He earned a scholarship to play division one soccer at Cleveland State University.

Wallis is excited to join RecruitLook International to help international recruits bring their talents to America!

Murphy Wiredu

Murphy Wiredu lives in Ontario, Toronto.

Murphy Wiredu has over 18 years of experience in competitive soccer from the youth level up to the professional level. His passion for the game started at an early age, but it was his talent and work ethic that got him on top teams in Ontario, Toronto.

Murphy received a scholarship to play for Saint Peter’s College in Jersey City, New Jersey. In his freshman year, he led the MAAC in goals with nine, and was named into conference All-Rookie team. In his sophomore year, he was second in scoring for Saint Peters with 9 goals and 3 assists. In his final year at Saint Peter’s College, Wiredu captained his Division I team to the conference finals where they lost to Loyola, and he led them to an at-large bid in the NCAA Tournament (first ever in school’s history) where they lost to the University of Virginia in the First Round of play. He finished his senior year leading the MAAC once again with 14 goals earning him MAAC offensive player of the year along with MAAC 1st team honors — Murphy was also voted as an All-American.

Murphy went on to further his soccer career by joining the New York Red Bulls reserve and later on joined the Toronto FC reserved squad. The desire and hunger grew even more which led him to further his career in East Asia Singapore playing in the S-League from 2009-2011. Murphy took his career over to Europe playing in Holland, Denmark and in Norway. Internationally, Murphy represented Canada playing against USA, El Salvador, Mexico and Honduras at the U20 level. He was also selected to represent Canada at the CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championships in Mexico in 2010 playing against EL Salvador, Mexico and Jamaica. Murphy has now taken his deep love for the game and great knowledge learned in the game to the next level. Murphy now motivates, trains, scouts and coaches young new talented players who want to take their game to the next level. Passion, dedication, humble and perseverance are all words that truly describes Murphy Wiredu.

In 2015, he was inducted into the Hall Of Fame at Saint Peter’s University in New Jersey City. He’ll now work on building a new legacy as a College Scout for RecruitLook.

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