How to text with college coaches

Just like communicating via text message with your friends… it’s easy and can be a quick way to converse with college coaches.

There are some simple strategies you can do to get a conversation started and to maintain a conversation with college coaches. Below are some examples.

Below are some examples of how to text with a college coach.

 Hey Coach, great game last night. I was able to catch it on ESPN2. Keep on rollin! Thanks, Joe Athlete
 Hey Coach, I read in the paper that you won again yesterday. I can’t wait for next week’s game! Thanks, Joe Athlete
 Hey Coach, tough loss last night. Your team played really well…they never quit. Thanks, Joe Athlete
 Good luck Saturday against State College. I’m sure the place will be rocking! Thanks, Joe Athlete
 When would be a good time to visit? My dad and I are looking at October 30th. Let me know. Thanks, Joe Athlete
 Hey Coach, I was voted player of the week by the Daily Paper. I’ll send you the link. Thanks, Joe Athlete
 Hey Coach, we won our big game against Rival City. I’ll send you a link to the article. Thanks, Joe Athlete
 Hey Coach, I just posted new video of my in-season conditioning. I’ll email you a link! Thanks, Joe Athlete
 I hope all is well. We won again last night. I scored 2 goals and had an assist. Thanks, Joe Athlete
 Thank you for coming to my game today/tonight. I appreciate you taking the time to evaluate me.
 Coach, here is my schedule for the upcoming tournament. I hope to see you there.
 Thank you for the compliments. I think I played well, but I know I have room to grow. (after a coach texts congrats on a good game.)

Coaches have been texting for years so they don’t mind if you use (u) instead of (you) and so on if you need more room for the rest of the text.

Important Info When You Text A College Coach:

 A coach isn’t going to want to hear from you at weird hours of the night.
 Don’t text multiple times if you don’t get a response. If you don’t get a response, try to resend in a few days.
 Don’t use vulgar language.
 Don’t send inappropriate pictures (partying, flipping off the camera, etc).
 Don’t ask a coach if they are going to offer you a scholarship via text message.

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