How important are grades in the college recruiting process

Your academics might be the single most important thing when it comes to college recruiting and trying to land an athletic scholarship.

There are certain things coaches look for in recruits: athleticism, are you coachable, height/weight, speed, and the list goes on. Coaches might be able to look past a few flaws in your game if they see a certain quality they like. College coaches are good at what they do, and they believe in being able to “coach a kid up” if need be. However, your grades are the only thing that a coach cannot look past. You either have bad grades, decent grades, or good grades; if your grades are bad you run a huge risk of jeopardizing any scholarship offers.

“An athlete’s grades play a major role in whether or not we target them as a potential recruit. We can’t take the risk of having a non-qualifier,” says a Division One Men’s Basketball Coach.

RecruitLook Scouts talk with college coaches daily. We are always trying to help RecruitLook athletes get more college recruiting exposure, and the most common question we hear after a coach seems interested: What are their grades like? College coaches don’t want to deal with athletes that have bad grades. There are plenty of high school recruits out there with good grades that have similar playing abilities for a coach to recruit.

I think you get the point on how your grades can negatively impact your college recruitment. Now let’s look at how they can help you be a better potential recruit.

Just as having bad grades makes you less attractive as a recruit, having good grades makes you more attractive. Good grades means you are less risky when it comes to being and staying eligible. College coaches want athletes that they can graduate and help the team GPA. Plus, having good grades means you are intelligent, and intelligent people are easier to coach and can quickly master the playbook.

“Our school has strict academic requirements that we must follow. Grades to us are just as important as speed and size. We eliminate recruits off the top if they have bad grades,” says a Division One Football Coach.

A lot of families don’t know that recruits can get athletic AND academic scholarship money. College coaches can offer a recruit with good grades a better academic package to save money on their athletic scholarship budget. College coaches really like having the option to combine scholarship funds.

Your grades can also increase the number of schools that are recruiting you. For example, division three programs do not offer athletic scholarships to high school athletes. A division three school can only offer academic scholarships. With good grades, you increase the chances of getting scholarship money to a program that doesn’t offer athletic money.

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