How Do You Determine Which Schools To Pursue?

This may be the most difficult question when it comes to recruiting. There is no reason to waste your time pursuing schools that aren’t a match for your athletic and academic abilities. In fact, pursuing the wrong schools may be the most common reason why many talented athletes don’t find a college program. They simply reach too high or too close to home…because they don’t consider the many opportunities available to them.

How serious are you getting recruited

If you aren’t sure which colleges are a fit athletically, ask your coach or Recruit Look for an honest evaluation. If you aren’t sure which colleges are a match academically, talk to your high school guidance counselor. Chances are you need to reach out to coaches at schools outside of your local area, that offer your major, and have a need for the position you play. It’s from there which you can determine mutual interest from a college coach.

Do you know what schools at all 5 levels of play are out there? Do you know how to gauge the level of interest a college coach has in you?

Here are a few tips athletes can use to see what colleges might be a good fit for them:

1.) Get a RecruitLook Scout to evaluate their skills and get feedback about their recruiting potential.
2.) Get a high school coach, trainer, or former college athlete to evaluate their skills and get feedback about their recruiting potential.
3.) Attend a showcase, combine, or college camp to see the talent level of other recruits outside your hometown.
4.) Contact college coaches to see if they are interested in what you have to offer. If a college coach likes what you bring to the table then they’ll be interested in learning more.
5.) Do some research on the school’s previous recruiting classes. Did that school only recruit McDonald’s All-Americans and you are a role-player on a decent team…chances are you won’t get recruited by that school, but there is probably another university that might be interested.

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