Helping with hurricane relief

The past few weeks have been difficult for the southern and east coast states with Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma hitting landfall. The destruction of these two devastating storms is tragic, and we are praying and hopeful that our fellow Americans can soon begin to rebuild. So many have been impacted by these storms, and we are encouraging you to help out.

NFL star, JJ Watt, setup a Hurricane Harvey relief fund

Help Hurricane Irma victims through the American Red Cross

How else can you help?

RecruitLook’s Bob Snavely will be taking a trip down to Houston with a truckload of items to donate to people down there. One of our affiliated teams, Texas Strike Force Softball, were directly impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The players and families of this organization were forced from their homes and lost everything.

We are gathering supplies to get to Texas Strike Force and other victims to be delivered Sept 15th.

Items needed are school supplies, paper, pencils, pens, glue, back packs, socks, shoes, clothes, personal hygiene items, toiletries. These families have nothing but what they could carry.

For donations and drop off points in the Kansas City area…


Bob Snavely
RecruitLook Scout


Angie Wolken
Kansas Classics

Sock It 2 Houston

We’re very proud of Mizara Norton and her sister for starting the campaign #SockIt2Houston where she’s helped raise $500 thus far. Mizara plays on the RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour out in Las Vegas and her style is knee-high socks. Her goal is to raise money to buy socks for those impacted in Houston by Hurricane Harvey.

Here is a link to the Go Fund Me Page that Mizara posted.


Thank you everyone for your efforts in helping rebuild the lives of our fellow Americans in Houston, Florida, and the surrounding states. Every little bit helps…please step up!

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