Elite Defender: 2023 PG KeShun Brown (HoopLyfe Academy)

KeShun Brown played the KC Live Period as if he was trying to win the defensive player of the year award. In most situations of the evaluation period, it is more offensive and defense is sometimes optional. That is not the case with the 5’8 KeShun. He takes so much pride in his defense it is refreshing to witness.

He drew 9 charges this past weekend which was the most of any player. He is exceptional help defender and uses his speed to beat guys to the spot.

Defense is his calling card but he is not just regulated to one side of the floor.

He pushes the ball in transition and if he is not picked up he will be at the rim before some defenders cross half court. He can slash with his great burst of speed and break swipe attempts from reaching defenders in the lane and finish without any problem.

KeShun has a nice touch and body control. He can also penetrate and kick to open teammates with either hand while making a difficult pass look easy.

KeShun plays with energy and is a treat to watch.

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