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Do Walk-Ons Get Athletic Scholarships?

Are You A Walk-On?

Not every student-athlete is going to be awarded an athletic scholarship, and in some cases, athletes may choose to turn down a scholarship to a smaller school to walk-on at a bigger university.  Making the team as a walk-on can be difficult, but if you are successful then there is an opportunity for you to earn scholarship money or financial aid down the road.  If you make the team as a walk-on you won’t earn any scholarship money in your first year (unless you are getting academic scholarship money elsewhere).  Not every high school athlete gets invited to colleges on official visits; therefore, it’s imperative to take unofficial visits to schools and build relationships with coaches.  This will make it easier on you to make the team as a walk-on.  Coaches invite recruits to walk-on all the time, but just getting the invite doesn’t guarantee you’ll make the roster.  A walk-on will still need to tryout and make the team.

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What are Preferred Walk-Ons?

Preferred walk-on is a term being used more and more by coaching staffs.  A preferred walk-on is typically someone that is recruited by a college coach but not offered a scholarship.  Preferred walk-ons typically have a lot of communication with the coaching staff and are usually offered a roster spot before tryouts, which is the main difference between a walk-on and a preferred walk-on.