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Wright State

Wright State University is a public research university in Fairborn, Ohio just outside of Dayton. The school offers degrees at the associate, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels.


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Wright State was founded in 1964 as the Dayton branch campus of both Miami University and Ohio State University. At that time it comprised only a single building, Allyn Hall (named for Stanley Allyn, then-president of National Cash Register and one of the university's founders). Most of the land was donated by the United States Air Force, from excess acreage of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. A 1965 act of the Ohio General Assembly stipulated that the Dayton campus would become an autonomous four-year institution once it reached an enrollment of 5,000 students. Several names were considered, including Dayton State University, Southwest Ohio State University, Shawnee University, Four Rivers University (after the four nearby rivers: the Great Miami, the Mad, the Stillwater, and Wolf Creek), and Mad River University. Wright State University was eventually chosen to honor the Wright Brothers, who were residents of Dayton and invented the first successful aircraft in the city. On October 1, 1967, after enrollment passed the 5,000-student mark, Senate Bill 212 passed to actually create a new university. This led to the official charter of Wright State University. The school has a Dayton mailing address, but is located in Fairborn and is patrolled by the Fairborn police department. Prior to current president David R. Hopkins' appointment in 2007, Wright State University had five other presidents: Brage Golding (1966�1973); Robert J. Kegerreis (1973�1985); Paige E. Mulhollan (1985�1994); Harley E. Flack (1994�1998); and Kim Goldenberg (1998�2006). In 2007, Wright State University celebrated its 40th Anniversary in connection with the Presidential Inauguration of David R. Hopkins. In order to mark this milestone in university history, Wright State created a 40th Anniversary website to highlight the events, history, and vision of its community. More information about the university's history can be seen on this Wright State site

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We transform the lives of our students and the communities we serve.? We will: build a solid foundation for student success at all levels through high-quality, innovative programs; conduct scholarly research and creative endeavors that impact quality of life; engage in meaningful community service; drive the economic revitalization of our region and our state and empower all of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni to develop professionally, intellectually, and personally.



Kate Hasting - singer and songwriter Fakhar Abbas - wildlife biologist and conservationist Javed Abidi - disability rights activist David Albright - founder of Institute for Science and International Security Brian Anderson - professional baseball player, assistant coach John Antoine Labadie - digital artist and art professor J. Todd Anderson - film storyboard artist Jim Baldridge - local news anchor Siva S. Banda - aerospace engineer Michael R. Barratt - astronaut Joyce Beatty - member of the Ohio House of Representatives Andrea Bendewald - actress David S. Brown - historian and professor at Elizabethtown College Iman Crosson - actor, Obama impersonator, Internet personality Jennifer Crusie - romance novelist Larry David - minister Kevin DeWine - former chairman of the Ohio Republican Party and former member of the Ohio House of Representatives Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni - author Christopher Easton - artist Bill Edwards - professional basketball player John B. Ellington, Jr. - Air National Guard general Dan Foley - politician Mike Gallagher - radio host and political commentator Shawn Heflick - explorer and adventurer Bret Jones - professional soccer player Kevin Kramer - screenwriter and television producer Tony Labudovski - professional soccer player Frank Lickliter - professional golfer Deborah Loewer - retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Irene D. Long - Chief Medical Officer at the Kennedy Space Center Winston Marshall - professional soccer player Logan Martinez - political candidate and activist Eddie McClintock - actor Brian Mehling - surgeon and film producer Kiril Merdzhanski - poet associated with postmodernism Steve Molla - author Jerome Pearson - business person Edmund W. Pendleton - engineer Robert Pollard - singer and songwriter Vitaly Potapenko - professional basketball player Greg Robinson - Major League Baseball player Nicole Scherzinger - singer Scott Schwalich - professional poker player Marvell Scott - sportscaster Derrick Seaver - politician Anthony Shaffer - U.S. Army intelligence officer Brad Sherwood - actor and comedian Joe Smith - professional baseball player Arlene Setzer - politician Vernon Sykes - politician Mike Tracy - soccer coach Jim Van Bebber - film producer Tim Waggoner - author John White - politician Chase Whiteside - journalist, documentary filmmaker, and founder of New Left Media DaShaun Wood - professional basketball player Patricia M. Young - Senior Executive Service - Air Force