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West Hills College

West Hills College is a public two-year community college serving students in the San Joaquin Valley.


9900 Cody St
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July, 15
Coalinga-Falcons; Lemoore-Golden Eagles
Coalinga-Red And Blue Lemoore-Blue And Gold
Central Valley

College History


The establishment of a college for the Coalinga Union High School District was proposed in the spring of 1932. The official beginning of the Coalinga Extension Center of Fresno State College dates from October 3, 1932. In September 1941, Coalinga Junior College became an independent unit under the direction of the Governing Board of the Coalinga Union High School District. Construction of a new campus on Cherry Lane near the northern limit of the City of Coalinga was begun on October 3, 1955, and the buildings were occupied on September 13, 1956. The voters of Coalinga Union High School District in 1961 approved the formation of a separate junior college district, and in June of 1962, the voters of Lemoore High School District voted to annex to the college district, as did voters of Riverdale and Tranquillity High School Districts in December of 1962. Effective July 1, 1969, the official name of the college was changed to West Hills College in keeping with the nature of the expanded district. In 1979 the District purchased land in the City of Lemoore, and in 1981 a classroom building and an office were erected. This was the Kings County Center until January 2002. On September 26, 2000, the Board of Trustees signed and accepted the �Agreement of Donation of Land for the West Hills College Lemoore� a generous donation from Robert and Mardell Pedersen and Lionel and Lola Simas. Having just moved to a new location with new facilities in 2002, the Kings County Center began the formal process of seeking its own stand-alone college status as the second college in the WHCCD. Work on an application for college status started in 2002 culminating in a 2004 self study report (with visit) presented to ACCJC resulting in West Hills College Lemoore moving from eligibility to candidacy status. Immediately following, the college diligently and tirelessly produced an additional accreditation report that was submitted in 2006. The WASC visitation team in 2006 granted full college status to West Hills College Lemoore. In November 2008, WHCL successfully passed Measure E, a $31 million general obligation bond, to provide matching funds for Phase 3 construction projects. In addition, Measure E allocated funds for educational center opportunities in Riverdale and Avenal. Currently, as part of Phase 3 construction, WHCL has completed the construction of a new Multi-Use Sports Complex for additional educational, community, and athletic events. The current West Hills College Lemoore campus prides itself on providing facilities with advanced technology. The most impressive features of the campus are the most technologically advanced library in Kings County and the newly constructed Multi-Use Sports Complex. The campus contains 34 classrooms that include nine classrooms outfitted fully with computers and three science collaboratories (an award winning cooperative science lab concept that is being replicated at other colleges). The college has always maintained a high level of technology, which has been refreshed periodically to reflect more up-to-date standards.

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West Hills College Lemoore enriches the lives of our students and the community we serve by being dedicated to quality educational learning opportunities and partnerships. The college provides a positive environment that is committed to student learning and empowering students to achieve their educational goals.