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Wallace Community College-Selma

George Corley Wallace State Community College is a community college in Selma, Alabama. As of the Fall 2010 semester, WCCS has an enrollment of 1,938 students. The college was founded in 1963.



3000 Earl Goodwin Parkway
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Wallace Community College Selma had its origin on May 3,1963. On this date, the Alabama State Legislature approved Acts No. 92, 93, and 94 which provided for the financing, development, and control of Alabama's public junior colleges and technical institutes. Many individuals and organizations in Selma and Dallas County were active in obtaining Selma as a site for a technical institute. Mr. E. S. Watts donated 20 acres of land in North Selma, just inside the city limits, to be used for the location of the technical institute. The title of this institution was decided to be William Rufus King State Vocational Technical School in honor of a famous Alabamian who served 29 years as a United States Senator, was elected as Vice President in 1852 under President Franklin Pierce, and was responsible for giving Selma its name. The initial technical institute consisted of an administration building, cafeteria, seven shops and laboratory buildings, and a warehouse. All of the classrooms were provided with central air-conditioning and equipped with modern facilities. The Alabama Trade School and Junior College Authority approved a resolution under advisement of Governor Albert P. Brewer on February 16, 1970, to establish a junior college in Selma on the same or adjacent site of the William Rufus King State Technical Institute. The State Board of Education gave its approval the same day. Prior to the ground breaking ceremonies, the name of the institution was changed to George C. Wallace State Junior College and Technical Institute in honor of the incoming governor. Mr. Charles L. Byrd, who had been the Director of the Technical Institute, was appointed President. The State Board of Education changed the institution's name to George Corley Wallace State Community College on October 1, 1973. Mr. Stan Frasier served as interim president from January until May, 1989, at which time Dr. Julius R. Brown became president of the college. On August 1, 2000, Dr. James M. Mitchell became president. Since 2000, the Fine Arts complex has been completed as well as other new buildings and extensive renovations, the WCCS Foundation was formed, new technology has been acquired, Student Support Services has been expanded and programs like Talent Search and Tech Prep have been added. The community college academic honor society, Phi Theta Kappa, was strengthened and has won various awards. An Office of Institutional Research has been established, the Academic Challenge for Excellence was created and attracts about 1,000 high school students each year, new student organizations have been formed, and refinement of the athletics program has occurred. The establishment of a learning development program, career development center and library automation was made possible through the funding efforts of Title III. WCCS provides access to the Internet which was made possible through the State Department of Education and National Science Foundation funding. WCCS has become a member of the Rural Community College Initiative, making it one of 23 such colleges across the country, and developed other links and services to the West Central Alabama Region it serves. Wallace Community College operates two off-campus educational centers. In 1973, a permanent off-campus center was established in Clanton, AL. This center, which offers a transfer program, is housed at the site of the Chilton County Area Vocational School. The other center is housed at Craig Field in Selma. When the U. S. Air Force closed Craig Air Force Base, the newly created Craig Field Airport Authority (authorized to administer the land and buildings on the base after the site reverted to Selma and Dallas County) gave several buildings to WCCS. These buildings now house the Adult Education Program administered by WCCS.

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The mission of Wallace Community College Selma is to provide high-quality educational opportunities and services that are responsive to individual, community and State needs. To accomplish this mission, Wallace Community College Selma shall provide the following: General Education and Collegiate Programs at the freshman and sophomore levels that prepare students for transfer to other colleges and universities. Technical, Vocational, and Career Education that prepare students for immediate employment, re-trains existing employees, and promotes local and state economic stability and competitiveness. Business and Industry Development Training that meets employer needs. Developmental Education that assists individuals in improving learning skills and overcoming educational deficiencies. Student Services and Activities that assist individuals in formulating and achieving their educational goals. Continuing Education and personal enrichment opportunities that support life-long learning and the civic, social, and cultural quality of life.