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University of Tampa

The University of Tampa, is a private, co-educational university in Downtown Tampa, Florida, United States. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. In 2006, the University celebrated its 75th anniversary.



401 W Kennedy Blvd
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The University of Tampa was established by Frederic Spaulding in 1931 as Tampa Junior College, and was founded to serve as an institution of higher education for Florida's west coast. In 1933 UT moved to its current location, the then defunct Tampa Bay Hotel. With the move, and the additional room it provided, Mr. Spaulding decided to expand the scope of the junior college to a full university and the University of Tampa was born. In 1941 the city of Tampa signed a 99 year lease on the hotel with the school for a dollar a year. The lease excluded the south east wing of the hotel to allow for the housing of the Henry B. Plant Museum. The University prospered for the next few decades, becoming a well-respected institution of learning in the Tampa Bay area. In 1951 the University received full SACS accreditation. However, in the early 1990s financial troubles hit the school. The University incurred consecutive years of budget deficits as a result of declining student enrollment. The University's President resigned, faculty left for better opportunities, and the University faced an uncertain future. In 1995, the Board of Trustees elected a new president to lead the school out of its troubles and prevent bankruptcy. Ronald Vaughn, who was then Dean of the College of Business, was selected to bring the school out of the red. His initial efforts were aimed at bringing the campus up-to-date with new dorms and a major renovation to the business school. Once these projects were underway, Dr. Vaughn launched the "Take UT to the Top" campaign. This major financial initiative aimed to return the University to financial stability, and then to raise the University's profile to that of an elite school. The project focused on fundraising in the alumni community and among the business people of the Tampa Bay area, who so heavily rely on UT graduates. The "Take UT to the Top" campaign's goal was to raise 70 million dollars in 10 years, and to restore the University's endowment. By the time the campaign ended, UT had raised 83 million dollars. A major reason for this success was the generous contributions of the John H Sykes family of Tampa, Florida. A gift of $10-million by the family in 1997 was followed by one for $28-million in 2000,[13] thought to be the largest such gift to a Florida university at the time. These generous gifts were all the more impressive since no one in the Sykes family had ever attended the University of Tampa. The additional funds raised by the financial campaign have been used to purchase new land and to implement a faster-paced building program. They also have been used to hire additional faculty, permitting the university to expand its student body's size and still maintain a 15:1 student-to-professor ratio. For his efforts in rescuing the university and increasing enrollment, Vaughn has been rewarded with a salary that is in the top 10 of mid-sized, private institutions. President Barack Obama became the first sitting president to visit the campus on January 28, 2010.

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The University of Tampa is a comprehensive, independent university that delivers challenging and high quality educational experiences to a diverse group of learners. Four colleges offer more than 150 areas of study through a core curriculum rooted in a liberal arts tradition. Beginning with an innovative first-year student experience, University of Tampa students explore global issues, examine career possibilities, and refine communication and critical thinking skills. Professional master�s programs in business, nursing, education, and creative writing, and a continuing studies program for adult learners exemplify the University�s commitment to the professions and to the community. - See more at:



The University of Tampa has produced notable alumni over the years. They include Dick Greco, former Mayor of Tampa; noted educator Braulio Alonso; Pete Peterson, former U.S. Representative and Ambassador; former Secretary of the Interior of Mexico Juan Camilo Mouri�o; actress and wrestler (Chyna) Joan Laurer; professional wrestler Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff; multimedia/recording artist Mikee Plastik (Michael Scott Hollash) attended 98�99; author Dennis James Kennedy; abstract painter Robin Wesner; beauty queen Kaitlin Monte; author Amy Hill Hearth; National Football League players Freddie Solomon, Leon McQuay, and player/actor John Matuszak; and Major League Baseball players Tino Martinez and Lou Piniella. Bob Martinez 40th Governor of Florida received a Bachelors from the University of Tampa. Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich attended UT for two years. In 2008, his older brother Rob, a UT alumnus,[15] delivered the May commencement speech, telling graduates that it's not what you know, but rather whom you know, that will get you ahead in life. Frederick Ward Humphries II FBI Special Agent known for disrupting a plot to bomb the Los Angeles International Airport and known as the source that publicized the Petraeus Scandal Rielle Hunter attended the University of Tampa under the name Lisa Jo Druck.[16] Hunter had an affair with former presidential candidate John Edwards, who recently admitted to fathering one of Hunter's children. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was awarded a Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree after providing the class of 2009 commencement address.



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