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University of Cincinnati-Clermont College

The University of Cincinnati Clermont College, also known as UC Clermont, is a regional campus of the University of Cincinnati. UC Clermont is situated on 91.2 acres in Batavia, Ohio.



4200 Clermont College Dr
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Calico Theatre began more than 20 years ago as a vision of UC Clermont College and community members of Clermont County. An outreach effort was created in 1987 with a mission to introduce children and families to the wonderful and creative world of the visual and performing arts. This initiative is known as the Community Arts initiative and includes Calico Theatre and its performances, art exhibits in the UC Clermont College Art Gallery and participation in the annual Cincinnati Fine Arts Fund sampler weekend. The original initiative for Calico Theatre called for a series that included weekend and evening performances for families with children under the age of 12. The on-site theatre program was developed to meet the needs of children in our surrounding community by providing exposure to high-quality educational performances at a location close to home. Calico Theatre strives to include a variety of visual art, dance and musical styles in our programming for the season, helping our young audiences to understand all aspects of theatre and artistic expression. Performances are given in the Krueger Auditorium, on a proscenium theatre stage, housing 400 seats. It is our goal to provide an experience where a child�s imagination can soar while maintaining quality and affordable pricing for our audiences. It is our hope that each visit to the theatre sparks curiosity in our youth to educate and incorporate the lessons they learn into their everyday lives. For many it will be their first exposure to live theatre. We at Calico Theatre enjoy witnessing the light in a child�s eyes as the curtains open and the stage comes alive. In 2007 Calico Theatre began a revitalization process where three components now make up the Calico Theatre initiative they are: Calico Children�s Theatre, Calico Creativities and future plans for, Calico After Dark. Calico Children�s Theatre has changed only in name as our family theatre series. Calico Creativities are workshops designed to enhance the family theatre series by providing an educational interactive session which compliments a performance. Calico After Dark is currently in the planning stages as a theater series that appeals to a more mature audience. We hope you enjoy your experience at the Calico Children's Theatre as much as we enjoy bringing great live theatre performances to our community. Thank you for your patronage. We hope to see you soon!

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The University of Cincinnati Clermont College Disability Service is threefold: It seeks to ensure that all students with disabilities can freely and actively participate in all facets of college life. Through this effort, it hopes to provide and coordinate support services to maximize students' educational potential and develop their independence to the fullest extent possible by providing and coordinating support services. Finally, this program strives to increase the level of awareness among the Clermont College community so that students with disabilities are able to perform at a level limited only by their abilities, not their disabilities. Upon receipt of necessary documentation, appropriate academic assistance and support services are provided based on individual need. With a goal of equal educational access in mind, the Disability Services creates opportunities for and promotes educational experiences, services, and enrichment to persons with disabilities.



91.2 Acres (37�Ha)