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Simpson University

Simpson University is a private, liberal arts college located on a 92-acre (37�ha) campus in Redding, California.


2211 College View Drive

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Simpson University was founded in 1921 as Simpson Bible Institute by W.W. Newberry, who served as its first president. Established in Seattle, Washington, the school was named in honor of Albert Benjamin Simpson (1843�1919), a Presbyterian minister who pioneered the Bible institute movement during the late nineteenth century and founded the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Initially offering a two-year program of study, the school was designed to promote spiritual growth and prepare students for Christian life and service, especially overseas. As the 1926 catalog stated: "Seattle is several hundred miles nearer to China than any other trade routes across the Pacific...if this is the gateway through which the blessed gospel must reach millions yet in darkness, it is an ideal place to train and equip those who shall carry it to these needy souls..." By 1940, Simpson was offering a choice of programs: Theology, Missiology and Bible/Music. By 1941, it had officially become the western regional school of the C&MA. In 1955, the school moved to San Francisco, and its name was changed to Simpson Bible College since it was now granting bachelor's degrees. Over the years, the college continued to broaden its academic offerings so that by the time the half-century mark was reached in 1971, it had become a more comprehensive liberal arts college offering professional as well as biblical studies. That same year, the name was changed to Simpson College.In 1968, the college was granted regional accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Another historic milestone was passed in 1989 when Simpson relocated to its current location in Redding and began building a new campus, which is still a work in progress. Since the move, undergraduate enrollment has more than doubled. Graduate programs (including the School of Education and A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary) have been established, and the Continuing Studies (ASPIRE) program was added.

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"Simpson University is a Christ-centered learning community committed to developing each student in mind, faith and character for a life-time of meaningful work and service in a constantly changing world." Within the framework of its mission, Simpson University shall constantly strive to fulfill the following objectives: 1. To cultivate in each student an awareness of God and His will and a complete dedication to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. 2. To offer the student a broad education designed to develop the academic, social, physical and spiritual life. 3. To foster intellectual growth; to develop lifelong habits of self-directed study through a program of scholarship that seeks to examine the world of knowledge. 4. To crystallize a value system and an authority system as they relate to the privileges and responsibilities of contemporary life in a global context. 5. To help the student grow in appreciation of and sensitivity to the arts and in development of balance and good taste in lifestyle. 6. To provide an environment within which life-directing vocational decisions can be made which honor God and bring fulfillment to the learner. 7. To equip our graduates with the knowledge and skills to achieve fulfillment in professional and vocational life callings. 8. To develop in each student through the entire curricular and co-curricular programming, a fervent, God-conscious Christian experience kindled with the flame of lifestyle evangelism and missionary passion.



Kathryn Kuhlman - Faith healer and evangelist Dick Staub - Author, Radio Host The Myriad - band David J.Y. Combs, US Navy Aerospace Experimental Psychologist Lyla L. Combs, Staff Assistant, U.S. Department of State Nick Unger, Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Department of State Jennifer Walz Hardy, Regional Information Officer, Asia, Catholic Relief Services