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Oakland City University

Oakland City University, abbreviated as OCU, is a coeducational, small-town, urban, private university in Oakland City in eastern Gibson County, about 25 miles north and slightly east of Evansville in Southwestern Indiana, United States.


138 N Lucretia St
Oakland City


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College History


In June 1885, the Educational Board of General Baptists organized and then gained a charter from the state of Indiana to operate a college at Oakland City. However, because of a lack of funds, the first building, a two-story brick structure housing the administration and classrooms, was not complete until 1891�the same year Oakland City College opened its doors for classes. In those early days, the school was called "the college on the hill." By the mid-1920s, the school had reached a zenith for the first half of the century. There were several college buildings gracing the grounds, including an expanded administration building, Wheatley Hall, a women's dorm, a field house, Memorial Gym (which housed a library in the basement), Cronbach Hall, a building used for agricultural and industrial arts classes, and a two-story brick building called the president's house. Beside the normal, liberal arts and theological school, the college had added a large industrial and agricultural department to respond to the vocational needs of the rural area it served. Sports teams of the 1920s, included basketball, baseball, football, and track. Teams regularly played Indiana State University, Evansville College, University of Louisville, and Ball State. By the mid-1920s a legion of clubs could also be found on campus. Among them were the YMCA, Phi Alpha Literary Society, Germanae Literacy Society, Athenian Literacy and debating team, a standard debating team, the ETOSCA club, the Dramatic League, the French Club, the German Club, the Glee Club, the college orchestra, and the college band. Enrollment during these prosperous times often broached 1,000 students a semester. Sadly, this comfortable world came to a screeching halt in 1930 with the coming of the Great Depression. Grimly, the school held on with faculty and staff often forgoing paychecks to keep the school running. The end of World War II and the GI Bill saw a resurgence in enrollment and, by the mid-1960s, the "college on the hill" experienced an upswing comparable to the 1920s. Several new buildings now crowned the campus including four dormitories, a new library, Brengle Hall, a science building, and Stinson Hall, a classroom building containing an auditorium. The good times did not last. The winding down of the war in Vietnam wrought a substantial drop in enrollment. By the fall term of 1973, the college found itself with an abundance of empty dorm rooms. Fortunately, the sponsoring denomination, the General Baptist, rallied around the school by making an intense effort to raise funds to keep the school open. They also made the important decision of hiring a retiring Marine Colonel and General Baptist minister, James Murray, as the college president. Dr. Murray's success was nothing short of miraculous. In the 1990s the college moved to university status under Murray's leadership. Presently the school has an enrollment of 2,000 and has seen the construction of six new buildings in the last few years. Today, the university stands fully accredited and offers five graduate degrees and over 40 undergraduate programs.

College Specialty


Oakland City University is a Christian faith-based learning community dedicated to the enhancement of intellectual, spiritual, physical and social development for positive leadership.



Wilbur Kitchener Jordan - President (1943�1960) of Radcliffe College, a constituent of Harvard University, and former general editor of the University of Chicago Press Lindel Hume - Indiana State Senate Gary Barrett - Chair of Odum School of Ecology at University of Georgia Jerry Reynolds - Head Coach ( _ ), Broadcaster for the Sacramento Kings; Head Coach, Rockhurst University (KS) and Pittsburg St (KS) Gil Hodges - 2x World Series Champion player, 1x World Series Champion manager of the New York Mets Melba Phillips - American physicist and educator, and Professor Emeritus of the University of Chicago Jamie Teachenor - Platinum selling singer-songwriter



small town: 50 acres