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Moody Bible Institute

Moody Bible College in Chicago, Illinois, has a single mission: preparing students to pass on Biblical teachings through every means possible. Moody Bible College�s academics lay the foundation students need to do this. Whether they major in Biblical Studies, Pastoral Ministry or Theology, students first become acquainted with the Bible, its meaning and teachings.


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In early 1886 D. L. Moody established the Chicago Evangelization Society for the "education and training of Christian workers, including teachers, ministers, missionaries and musicians who may completely and effectively proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ". In 1883, Emma Dryer, with Moody's permission, organized and headed what was known as the "May Institute". These were weekly meetings in which church members would meet and pray. Most importantly however, would be the open discussions facilitatedby whom? among the church members. Many of the church members began to request that Moody open up a new school. This school would serve as a training school for the youth of the Church, a place where future evangelists could learn the skills necessary to carry on in the Revivalist tradition. On January 22, 1886, Moody addressed church members as follows: "I tell you what, and what I have on my heart I believe we have got to have gap-men, men to stand between the laity and the ministers; men who are trained to do city mission work. Take men that have the gifts and train them for the work of reaching the people." This formal meeting, held at Farwell Hall, resulted in the group founding the Chicago Evangelization Society, which was later renamed the Moody Bible Institute after Moody died in 1899. Before 1900 Moody played a significant role in fund-raising to support MBI. After Moody died, however, the Institute struggled financially. James M. Gray, the president of the school, invited Henry Parsons Crowell to financially restructure the Institute. Crowell established the school on business principles of productivity and performance. The MBI Executive Committee met nearly every Tuesday for the next 40 years. An administration building took years to complete, but when the building was dedicated there was no mortgage and only $50,000 left to pay

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To educate students to think biblically, live Christianly, serve the Church effectively.



Mary McLeod Bethune - alumnus; a daughter of former South Carolina slaves, McLeod Bethune also graduated from Scotia Seminary for Girls before starting a school for girls in Florida which has become Bethune-Cookman University; she became an advisor to U.S. presidents Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt David Brickner - alumnus; executive director of Jews for Jesus Mark I. Bubeck - alumnus; pastor and author, among his writings are "The Adversary" and "Overcoming the Adversary"; he received his D.Min from Talbot Theological Seminary Marie Chapian - alumnus; author, speaker and psychotherapist Gary Chapman - alumnus; pastor, international speaker, author of "The 5 Love Languages" series Robert A. Cook - alumnus; pastor, author and former president of The King's College (New York); former president of the National Association of Evangelicals; former president of the National Religious Broadcasters; former president of the Moody Alumni Association John Adelbert Davis - alumnus; educator and founder of Davis College Peter Deyneka - alumnus; author, missionary to the Russian diaspora. Bart D. Ehrman - alumnus; has since converted to agnosticism; James A. Gray Distinguished Professor of New Testament at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Daniel Everett - alumnus; has since converted to atheism; educator, currently dean of Arts and Sciences at Bentley University, in Waltham, Massachusetts; former chair of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures at Illinois State University George L. Fox - alumnus; U.S. Navy lieutenant and chaplain; one of the "Four Chaplains" who gave his life to save his shipmates on their torpedoed ship during WWII; Fox and the other chaplains all were honored posthumously with Distinguished Service Crosses and, in 1948, were honored with commemorative three-cent stamps for their heroism Harry A. Ironside - faculty; taught Bible studies, evangelism and Christian service through MBI's Extension Department Jerry B. Jenkins - alumnus; author, publisher and former Writer-in-Residence at the Institute; co-authored the "Left Behind" series of Christian novels with Pastor Tim LaHaye; Jenkins is the current board chairman of the executive committee for the MBI trustees Clarence W. Jones - alumnus; musician; along with his wife and Christian & Missionary Alliance missionaries and co-founders Reuben Larson, D. Stuart Clark, John Clark, Paul Young and their missionary wives, began radio broadcasting from call letters "HCJB" - "The Voice of the Andes" - in Quito, Ecuador, South America. This station was the first Christian missionary radio station in the world. Isobel Kuhn - alumnus; author, missionary with her Moody grad husband, John, to the Burmese Lisu people in the mountainous Yunnan Province of southwestern China Marilou (Hobolth) McCully - alumnus; missionary wife of Ed McCully, who was martyred along with Nate Saint, Pete Fleming, Roger Youderian and Jim Elliot, by the Huaorani people, during, "Operation Auca," in the jungles of Ecuador, on January 8, 1956 Ed Pawlowski - alumnus; mayor of Allentown, Pennsylvania (2006-present) Arthur W. Pink - alumnus; pastor and author, although having only attended MBI for eight weeks, Pink became a respected preacher and prolific theological author through his personal study of the Scriptures Wess Stafford - alumnus; author and president of Compassion International (1993-present) John and Betty Stam - alumni; a young, American missionary couple who were martyred in China by the Communist rebel forces, on Dec. 8, 1934 Maynard W. Tollberg - alumnus; U.S. Navy watertender first class; scalded and almost blinded after a torpedo blasted the ship he was on during WWII, Tollberg climbed over dead bodies to shut off an oil valve, which saved a number of his shipmates' lives; he was posthumously honored with a Navy Cross; and, a Navy transport ship, the USS Tollberg, was commissioned in his honor for his heroism George Verwer - alumnus; founder of the missionary and evangelism outreach Operation Mobilization Tim Walberg - alumnus; manager, minister and current U.S. Congressman from Michigan John H. Walton - professor of Old Testament for 20 years Lula Ethridge Wardlow - alumnus; clergywoman; first woman mayor in Louisiana (1926�1930) Gary Wilde - alumnus; author and Episcopal priest