Demarion Watson Q&A

Demarion Watson is a 2022 wing playing at nationally ranked Minnehaha Academy. The team is tough… the curriculum at Minnehaha is tough… and Demarion is putting his stamp on both — he’s getting significant minutes and currently has a 3.8 GPA. His recruiting stock is only going to soar. We chatted with him a little bit about his season.

RLH: How has the season been going for you at Minnehaha?

DW: I feel like my season has been going well. We have so many of the top players in the state. Figuring out how to play my role on the team but also to navigate being an individual in order to stand out and be seen. I know with elite players on the roster that I need to do the little things to help the team.

RLH: What is it like playing with so much talent on one roster at Minnehaha?

DW: Playing with so much talent on the roster keeps me hungry to always show up and to always keep working, because there’s always somebody there that would love to get the minutes that I’m getting.  We are all competitive and we compete against each other, but we also compete for one another… we all respect each other… we all support each other… we have a brotherhood.  I learned so much on a daily basis from all the talent. 

RLH: How was it playing in front of the 17,000+ crowd at the Target Center?

DW: It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. It definitely has prepared me for the next level as a player.  I’m still excited because I know playing in a huge college arena will be very similar to that experience.  I am looking forward to that environment again. 

RLH: If a college coach asked what are the strong parts of your game? What would you say?

DW: I feel I pay attention to detail.  I do all the little things that a lot of players don’t. I work really hard defensively and then I make sure that I’m getting back so that I could be effective offensively.  I  believe that I have a high basketball IQ, and I’m able to read and predict moves that players are going to do based on the Offense or Defense.  I can see where I need to be on the floor, I can see where my teammates are supposed to be on the floor, so being able to anticipate plays and be a step ahead has served me well. Getting in the stat sheet with steals, blocks and rebounds… those help win ballgames.

RLH: What are you doing to improve as a basketball player?

DW: I get in a lot of training during my off-season. This fall I spent time doing a lot of speed agility and strength work three days a week in addition to just being in the gym getting up my shots. I put on about 15 pounds of muscle, which is really a strength to me as an athlete and changed my game. During the spring and summer, I run summer track which really helped me develop cardiovascularly and then just really develop my skills as an all-around athlete, which I’ve done since I was about six years old. 

RLH: How did you like playing RecruitLook Hoops League last year? 

DW: I enjoyed it tremendously. I learned a lot last year by playing up a grade level to better prepare me. It was good to get a feel for how fast paced the game was at an older level and the RecruitLook events helped me with that, and I think that has prepared me for a big spring and summer with Grassroots Sizzle.

RLH: Are there any updates on your college recruitment?

DW: Right now I’m not too worried about it. I got a few schools interested and in contact with my coaches, but nothing in the way of an offer right now. A lot have been tracking me this season and plan to see me during AAU. I know that working extremely hard will payoff with offers. I just have to be patient, continue to work, and then the offers will come. I’m working really hard to show these colleges that I can be an asset to their program.

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