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College Recruiting Process Have You Frustrated?

RecruitLook has helped educate and guide athletes & parents through the college recruiting process since 2008. Our families have saved millions in scholarship funds while using the RecruitLook platform. Our main focus and drive is to educate everyone on what it takes to go from a high school recruit to a legit college prospect.

Our Recruiting Consultations are formatted to help parents/athletes get an accurate recruiting assessment, while educating them on the college recruiting process. We’ll give constructive feedback on athletic ability, provide advice on tackling the recruitment process, and answer your questions about all things recruiting.

What is a Recruiting Consultation?


Frustrated. Confused. Chaotic. Stressful. Overwhelming. Crazy. Time-Consuming.

Those are the more common phrases we hear from families when talking about the college recruiting process.  When someone gets to that point, it will alter their decision making, thought process, and dedication to the process; therefore, we decided to Educate families on how to make the college recruiting process sound a lot more like…

Fun. Enjoyable. Valuable. Educational. Organized. Understanding.

What Do You Get With A Recruiting Consultation

Calendars And Rules

Recruiting Rules & Regulations

There is a ton of information on the internet (and on RecruitLook) about the recruiting rules and regulations for each division level. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what it all means. We can help you better understand important topics like:

-NCAA Eligibility Center Info
-Academic Qualifications for All Division Levels
-NAIA Recruiting Information
-NJCAA Recruiting Information
-Financial Aid Information

Screenshot 2014-09-18 20.54.49

Player Evaluation

We’ll watch a few of your highlight tapes to then give you an evaluation of your skills. We cannot attend games or practices…we can only watch your highlight tape link that you provide.

We’ll provide constructive feedback on what your strengths and weaknesses are, as well as what division level we think you project out at. Do note…the division level projection is not always accurate. It is more in place to guide you down the right path. Too many athletes say: “I’m division one” but then their film says otherwise.

How Do You Know If You Are Being Recruited?

There are no guarantees in the college recruiting process. Nothing is ever finalized until an athlete signs their National Letter of Intent.

There are different levels of recruitment interest from college coaches that most athletes and parents are not familiar with. A lot of athletes think that every form of communication (letters, emails, text, direct messages, recruiting questionnaires, recruiting material, etc) is all the same — they are getting recruited. However, we categorize everything into 4 main groups: Not Getting Recruited, Somewhat Getting Recruited, Actively Getting Recruited, Heavily Getting Recruited. We’ll explore briefly what is involved with each group.

college recruiting questions

Question and Answer

We’re here to help you! The best part about the Recruiting Consultations is the forum we give for you to ask our Scouts any questions you have about getting into college or the college recruiting process. Every athlete experiences a different college recruiting process, so feel free to ask us whatever is on your mind.

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What's Off Limits?

There are some items that we cannot discuss on the consultation calls. We have athletes that have purchased our MVP Membership level to receive 1-on-1 support and guidance throughout their entire college recruitment process. It isn’t fair to those athletes to discuss topics that our Scout team assists them with. We’ll let you know on the consultation whether or not we can talk about a certain topic. Some of the topics that are off limits:

-College Roster Openings
-Advanced Scholarship Searches
-Communication Tips with College Coaches
-Social Media Strategies for Recruiting Exposure
-Recruiting Insights to get College Coaches Interested

How Much is the Consultation?

There are two different packages to choose from. You may repurchase either package multiple times.

Option 1 : $85.00

1-Hour Consultation Package:

$85.00 : A one (1) hour consultation with a RecruitLook Scout

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Option 2 : $150.00

2-Hour Consultation Package:

$150.00 : You’ll receive (2) two 1-hour consultations AND a copy of the Athletic Recruiting Playbook with Free Shipping!
*A $50 savings with the 2-hour purchase
*Enter code FreeShip at checkout to get the free shipping on the Athletic Recruiting Playbook


Option 3 : $99/month

All-Star Elite Consultation Package:

$99/month : A one (1) hour consultation with a RecruitLook Scout each month PLUS the All-Star Membership benefits!

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Interested in Booking a Recruiting Consultation?

We’ve made it simple to purchase our Recruiting Consultations. Please follow the info below. You can always send us a Help & Support message if you are having issues.

Step 1:

Choose the Consulting Plan that is right for you. Option 1 or Option 2 or Option 3 and add it to your cart.

Step 2:

Pick the Scout that you are seeking Consultation from.

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Step 3:

Make sure your Email and Phone Number on the checkout process is correct. This is the contact information we will use to get in touch with you.

Step 4:

If choosing Consulting Plan #2, make sure you have the correct Shipping Address. Also, make sure you use the free shipping coupon code at checkout: FreeShip

Step 5:

After your has been placed, we’ll follow up with you via email or text message to get the consultation scheduled. Most scheduling takes place 24-48 hours after you place your order.

Step 6:

Send a link to your video highlights AFTER you have completed the checkout process. Please email only YouTube, Hudl, or RecruitLook video links to us. We will not open attachments. Use the following email address for the Scout you choose.

Mike Enright :

Tommy Canale :

Jim Delaney :

Step 7:

If you have any questions, concerns, or issues paying then please Contact Us.

The Athletic Recruiting Playbook

This book might just be the holy grail for student-athletes and parents that are navigating the college recruiting process.  The Athletic Recruiting Playbook is an eight-year project that was put together by RecruitLook CEO, Mike Enright.

Option 2 comes with a free copy (and free shipping) of the Athletic Recruiting Playbook. We’ll mail it to you within 3-10 days.

If you purchase Option 2 ($150 + Athletic Recruiting Playbook), please use the coupon code “FreeShip” at Checkout to receive free shipping.

Our Recruiting Consultants

We’ll match you up with the best Consultant for your location and sport. Below is a list of all our Scouts.


Consultation Demos

Below are two examples of how the consultations with our Scouts will go.

*These are audio samples

Talking About Camps and More – Click Here

Talking About When To Start The College Recruiting Process and More – Click Here


What Are Parents Saying About RecruitLook Consultations?

We have the experience and expertise to help you better understand the college recruiting process. Here are a few of the parents that we have assisted.

“Tommy Canale has been invaluable in the recruitment of our daughter Logan for college volleyball.  He evaluated her to make sure that she was “recruitable”, unlike other services who were more concerned with our credit card getting approved.  We had hit a wall with the “help” that her club allegedly offered and couldn’t get coaches to even open emails.  After Tommy’s consultations, coaches from D3 to Ivy league were responding to us. Our credibility went up as soon as Tommy got involved.”
-Randy Van Reken, Parent of an athlete

“Tommy Canale continues to meet and exceed my expectations!  Not truly knowing what to expect from a scouting service, I’m convinced we are in very capable hands.  His knowledge of the process, enthusiasm to help, and responsiveness puts me and my family at ease as we try to navigate a basketball scholarship for our daughter.  I’m very pleased with all he does for us.”
-Damion Bryd, Parent of an athlete

“I really appreciate all of RecruitLook’s help. We had so many questions that Mike and his staff answered for us, we couldn’t be more pleased with the consultations. This was an eye-opening experience for our entire family. I’m not sure how we would have managed McKenzie’s recruiting on our own. We are blessed to have found RecruitLook.”
-Julie Pearson, Grandmother of an athlete

“Tommy Canale is one of the best in the business. He has experience coaching at the college level and recruiting high quality hs players. He has an eye for talent. He is very well connected with high school, AAU, and college coaches. He does a great job of knowing and identity where athletes will be productive and succeed on the college level.”
-Lance Robinson, College coach at Aurora University

“Mike has been a tremendous help with our son’s recruitment. He is always quick to answer our questions, and has provided us with lots of valuable information. All things considered this is by far the best recruiting site out there.”
-Julie Sinclair, Parent of an athlete

“I had originally been contracted with another recruiting organization for the assistance with my two kids. Tommy Canale approached me not to sell me services, but to genuinely help me with the recruitment efforts for colleges. Tommy did what the original company had failed to do. I recommend Tommy Canale and RecruitLook to any parent. In a world with so many confusing and overwhelming options, these guys really provide honest feedback and real results.”
-Michael Pancirov, Parent of an athlete

“So blessed that Tommy Canale found us to guide us through the recruiting process. As he explained to our son there is many talented athletes out there. It takes more than Talent that the coaches look for. First and foremost they look at academics attitude and then your talent. Thank you Tommy Canale for taking your time to explain to my son the whole package. We are very blessed to have you in our life to guide our son into the best athlete that he can become and with your guidance to pick the College of his dreams.  Thank you for all your help!”
-Tina Barzekoff, Parent of an athlete

“Tommy Canale in a word: AWESOME!  Before consulting with RecruitLook, our daughter, Summer only had 5 schools on her radar. After consulting with Tommy her future looks brighter than ever. She has doubled her choices! Tommy goes above and beyond to make Summer feel as if she is his only recruit. His encouragement and honesty makes him a valuable asset to our family.”
-Greg Horn, Parent of an athlete