College Softball Coach Gives Recruiting Advice

How do you get recruited for college athletics? What are the right steps to contact college coaches? There so much information on the internet that makes it sound so easy to land a college scholarship — email a coach, wait for a reply, go on a visit, then sign a scholarship — if only it was that easy!

RecruitLook MVP clients and their families are trained and educated on how to properly navigate their way through the recruiting process. A lot of myths, misconceptions, and harsh realities are out there — we help to eliminate the chaos and confusion!

A Division Three Softball Coach recently spoke with our RecruitLook team regarding some not-so-common-sense advice on how to communicate with college softball coaches.

– Every coach is different, but they all appreciate hearing from qualified softball prospects that can attend their school and are good enough to play for their program. You have one chance to make a first impression. Too many times we get information from prospects that aren’t even competing on their varsity teams or they lack the grades to even qualify for our school.

– Send your summer playing schedule to all the coaches you may want to play for in college. Follow up with an email of your exact playing times and locations in the week leading up to a showcase/tournament. I make my weekend plans solely based on these emails.
(Remember, this is from a D3 coach…can you imagine the emails a D1 coach is receiving and their weekend plans they have to schedule?)

– When a college coach asks you for info, send it promptly or let them know when they can expect it. No response is the worst response – I will assume you have no interest in our program or the college, and by the time you get me your info, I might already be onto another prospect.

– Take control of your college search. Being able to confidently tell a coach his/her school is your first choice will only help your chances of going there. If the only reason a school is on your list is because the softball coach has contacted you…dig deeper. If that is the only reason you give me for a school being on your list, I start to wonder if you will be passive in other areas of your life as well (such as on the softball field).

– Let coaches know what type of communication is best for you (email, phone, text, social media). It’s important to know this if you only check your email once a month!


It’s good for recruits to hear this college recruiting advice from a college coach. The recruiting process is beyond being a great athlete; coaches don’t just stumble on recruits randomly at a high school game. Recruiting gets done when high school athletes are being proactive.

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