College Recruiting Tip – Get involved outside your sport!

Getting involved with activities outside of your sport as an athlete is a terrific way to boost your overall appeal to college coaches. Coaches are looking for individuals that are not only good athletes, but are looking for well-rounded individuals that are good role models in their community.

A college scout is obviously going to be interested in you because of your performance in your sport, but in order to separate yourself from the other recruits; you’ll need to be involved in activities that your competition is not. Some of the things that can help you stand above the other recruits are: you volunteer for your church, you organized a monthly highway trash pickup, you give music lessons to inner city kids, you are president of the math club, you are a black belt in Tae Kwan do, you are an active member in National Honor Society, and the list goes on.

Those are all things that will get a coach interested because it shows you are a good person. The RecruitLook Scouts hear this question from coaches all the time: “What kind of person are they?”

College coaches are also looking at multi-sport athletes. It’s okay if you only play one sport and focus primarily on that; however, college coaches are taking a closer look at recruits that play multiple sports. It shows a few different things to the college coach:

-You can handle more responsibility of juggling another sport.
-It shows that you’re an all-around athlete.
-It can possibly lessen the risk of injury. For example, if you are a pitcher and throw year round, you do have a chance of hurting your harm. If you are a pitcher that pitches half the year and plays basketball the remaining half, it will give your arm a bit of a rest heading into your pitching season.

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