College Recruiting Intangibles that College Football Coaches Desire

College Recruiting Intangibles

The college football recruiting process is growing more competitive for the college coaches each year. Student-athletes nowadays are bigger, faster, and stronger — creating a competitive environment for college coaches as they look to restock their rosters. Video and stats are more available due to technology advances, too. The college coaches have to recruit outside the box now…more prospects out there for them to have to differentiate from in order to make their respective college programs succeed, which in-turn, means bringing in more revenue for their school’s athletic department. Prospects are a dime a dozen for the most part. So what do they look for in addition to talent and academics?

One word to describe what college coaches are looking for to help find the right fits for their programs: Intangibles

What are college recruiting intangibles? They aren’t found in stats, sometimes they can be seen on video, though. Be careful how you act before and after plays with your coaches, teammates, and officials. You never know who’s on the sidelines, in the stands, or watching your highlight films.

Here are a list of questions that college football coaches will ask high school coaches, as well as RecruitLook Scouts:

(Which ones can you answer yes or no to?)

Does the kid like contact?

Can he take a hit?

Does he shy away from the middle of the field?

Does he take plays off?

Does he pursue well?

What’s his attitude like during hard times in practice or the game?

Does he make excuses?

Does he jack around in practice?

Is he a Leader?

Does he take plays off?

Fill the gap consistently?

Is he about self or the team?

Can he play other positions?

Does he play other positions?

Does he play special teams?

Does he want to be involved in special teams?

Does he get preferential treatment or is like everyone else?

Does he finish towards the top of post practice conditioning?

Does he try to slip out of drills?

Is he first up in the contact periods?

Does he walk from drill to drill or after plays?

Is he accountable for his own mistakes?

What’s his communication like with teammates?

Is he last out locker room or stay in the training room?

Does he love football or just the attention?

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