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College Recruiting Help

Choosing which college to attend is one of the biggest decisions a teenager will have to make, especially when there are scholarship offers on the table. How do recruits get to the point of making an educated decision on their college search? Better yet, how do high school athletes secure athletic scholarship offers? Using a trusted college recruiting service is the first step, and that is where RecruitLook comes in!

RecruitLook Scouts work one-on-one with high school athletes throughout the entire college recruiting process. It is the personal attention that athletes/parents like about using RecruitLook.

Jaboree Williams, Wake Forest Commit

“I needed assistance with trying to get more recruiting exposure, and trying to figure out what the college recruiting process was all about. The RecruitLook staff was there for me every step of the way,” said Jaboree Williams, a 2014 Wake Forest University football commit.

High school recruiting services typically operate with two different styles. They are either an email blast network with web technology, or they are a do-it-yourself company where athletes pay for an online profile and monitor their page for any “profile views” from college coaches. Both services usually leave the athlete/parent with the same common question: How do I get recruited?

Getting recruited to play college sports is not something that just all the sudden happens because an athlete demonstrates good athletic ability. The college recruiting process takes time, persistence, and an understanding on how the recruiting game works. As an athlete, you’ll need more than an email blast and online profile. You’ll want someone in your corner that has experience to help get you to your end goals.

“We were not impressed with other recruiting services. The other services made us feel like we were just another statistic for their website. If we hadn’t used RecruitLook, I’m not sure my son would be playing Division One football,” said Dave Godsey’s dad. Dave Godsey, Jr. signed to play football for Missouri State University on a full-ride athletic scholarship.

Other recruiting services will promise athletes recruiting exposure through email blast; basically these types of services will send your info out to as many schools as you are willing to pay for. There are some serious marketing strategy no-no’s with this tactic. First, college coaches view it as spam when they get thousands of emails from recruiting services that promise a “can’t miss recruit.” Secondly, athletes are relying on an automated email blasting system to land them a college scholarship. Finally, how do athletes know that the recruiting service isn’t sending similar athletes to the exact same schools?

RecruitLook operates in a different manner. Our Scouts evaluate an athlete’s playing abilities, and then work with them to build a target list of schools to contact. RecruitLook can evaluate recruits in several different ways: watching game film, talking with high school and club coaches, and/or watching a game in-person…something other services routinely fail to do! RecruitLook will assist the family and recruit on the different marketing strategies that will help bring the most recruiting attention. College coaches like this approach much better. Instead of getting email blasted, college coaches are hearing directly from the recruits.

“At the end of the day a college coach is going to offer a scholarship to the athlete not the recruiting service. We like to preach that to recruits from day one, and this encourages them to start building relationships with college coaches early on in the recruiting process,” said RecruitLook Scout, Jim Delaney.

Using a recruiting service is becoming more and more common these days, and most of them have athletes signing up for an online profile. This will act as the recruit’s resume when seeking scholarship offers. However, this leaves families asking the same question still – how do I get recruited? Online profiles are great and almost a necessity in the recruiting world, but don’t expect recruiting results if you are simply paying just for an online profile. College coaches do not typically scour over internet recruiting services for their next big recruit. No, they use the service to help verify information on the prospect. In short, recruits need to do more than just having an online presence if they want to get scholarship offers.

“Do-it-yourself recruiting services that promise recruiting exposure from an online resume still are not delivering what families are most in need of, which is the guidance,” says Jim Delaney. “Families need help understanding recruiting dates, recruiting rules, financial aid process, connecting with the right college coaches, breaking down scholarship offers, and much more. And, that is exactly what RecruitLook can offer,” adds Delaney.

RecruitLook has carved out a good niche within the college recruiting world by creating an interactive recruiting network with the option to work directly with experienced Recruiting Coaches. This technique is helping athletes/families find success when it comes time to make a college decision.

“I highly recommend RecruitLook to any family looking to help their son or daughter. RecruitLook was there to help find my son the best college, and they were always there to answer all my questions. Thanks for helping my son reach his dreams,” says Kyle White’s mom. Kyle received a basketball scholarship to Trinity College.

If you are an athlete or parent of an athlete and you need help navigating the college recruiting process, please contact one of the RecruitLook Scouts.


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