College recruiting budgets limit a college coach’s resources

Not All College Recruiting Budgets Are Equal

Coaches won’t come to you – but they hope you’ll come to them! Professional teams have coaches and they have scouts. In college, coaches and scouts are the same guys. This highlights how little time college coaches really have to run around looking for recruits. Some of the major universities will spend millions on recruiting, while other schools will spend a fraction of that. Not every sport in college gets the same recruiting budget. Football and Men’s Basketball usually have the biggest recruiting budgets, and other sports have to share from a pool of recruiting funds.

Millions of dollars sound like a lot when it comes to a recruiting budget – until you consider that is split between 23 different sports. Even if your sport is getting a five figure budgets – how many round trips, including: hotels, meals, and plane tickets for one or two coaches will that buy? Each recruiting trip cost about $1,500-$2,500 per coach. With universities closely monitoring expenses on the balance sheet, coaches don’t have the freedom to travel to every sporting event to recruit new players. If you’re one of the top recruits in the country, no sweat – you’ll probably get seen because coaches want to evaluate the top talent firsthand. What about the other 99% of recruits? How will they get noticed, and what if a big Division One school isn’t a good fit for you? What if you’re looking at a Division Two school or Division Three? Some colleges outside Division One have recruiting budgets of only a few thousand dollars.

Standing in the shoes of a recruit, looking at the big world of college sports from the outside, it can seem like schools have unlimited power and resources; however, the truth is, they’re stretched for time and money. Coaches are looking as hard as they can for good recruits, and they can never find enough!

That’s why it’s so crucial for athletes to reach out to coaches. Even the best-off, big-time college programs in sports outside Football and Basketball hardly have enough money, time, or resources to find as many athletes as they’d like or the quality they’d like.

So take the initiative and get yourself found. Contact a RecruitLook Scout today, and we’ll get you the recruiting exposure you deserve!

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