College Coach Tutorial

This tutorial will help guide you on using (App.RecruitLook) as a College Coach


1.) Go to the RecruitLook Web Application to register as a college coach.

2.) is FREE for all college coaches to use.

3.) Follow our simple Registration steps to get started as a college coach.

4.) Each college coach can have their own profile.

5.) The Web Application is where all of the college recruiting efforts take place.

This is version 1.0 of our new RecruitLook Web Application. We will continue to add new features and functionality.

register college coach

1.) You’ll receive an email stating that your Account has been Created

2.) Click on the link in the email to activate your account.

College Coach. Activation Email
College Coach. Activation Success.

After you click the email activation link, you'll be taken to the screen that you see here saying your account has successfully been created. Simply click to "Login" and you can then login to your account.

Profile Creation

1.) Click the PROFILE button from the left navigation.

2.) You can edit your profile so athletes can easily recognize you.

3.) We will add more features in the near future, for example: linking to your university, communication tools between staff, etc-etc.

Use this helpful image when creating your profile.

Searching Student-Athletes

1.) Click the STUDENTS tab from the left navigation menu.

2.) You’ll be taken to all the student-athletes in our database.

3.) Click the OPEN SEARCH (it says Close Search in the image as we had clicked to OPEN it for this tutorial) as seen in the picture to open our search parameters.

4.) Input the different criteria you are seeking in a prospect and click the green magnifying glass icon to get the results.

5.) Click on the blue-eye-icon to then see the recruit’s profile. You can then click to follow them.

Input Your College Roster Openings

Looking to fulfill or get leads for your upcoming roster openings? You can submit your info for our athletes to see.

1.) Click the ROSTER OPENINGS button from the left navigation.

2.) Then click the green +CREATE NEW button in the upper right.

3.) You’ll then enter in all the information for the specific roster opening you have. If you put your contact info on there, recruits can then message you to get in touch.

4.) You can also delete your ROSTER OPENINGS from this window if you no longer have a need.

Still Need Help?

For tech support or any other questions, contact us at or by filling out the form below.