Can a college camp help with your college recruiting?

College Camps for Recruits

Each season colleges across the country are inviting prospects to attend various camps. Some of the camps will have a more meaningful impact on a recruit’s college recruitment than others. With so many camp options out there, families can get inundated with request from college coaches to attend their camp(s).

That leads to the question:

Can a camp help you get recruited?

In most cases the answer is going to be yes. There are college camps out there that are trying to get as many recruits as possible to make a few dollars, but majority of the time the camp is going to be beneficial to the recruit.

A college camp is a great opportunity to perform in front of the coaching staff that is recruiting you. You’ll be able to meet and interact with the coaches in a relaxed and controlled environment. This isn’t a practice it is a camp; therefore, the coaches are going to be doing a lot of teaching and motivating. Coaches will be evaluating you during the camp — you might not realize it, but coaches will be watching how you perform and conduct yourself on and off the playing surface. You can’t get that type of exposure anywhere else.

There are different types of camps offered by schools. Most have a team camp, individual camp, and an elite camp. If you receive an invite to an elite camp, then the coaching staff is definitely looking at you as a possible prospect. This would be a camp to consider if it fits within your budget. The individual camps can be hit or miss, but if the coach personally invites you, then you are somewhere on their recruiting board. Do keep in mind that college coaches will send out hundreds of emails inviting recruits, so the personal invite should come from social media, text, or a phone call.

The best camp to get invited to for football is the combine style camp that schools are running now. College football recruiting has shifted to Junior Days, 7v7, and the combines on college campuses. Attending a combine hosted by a third party is still relevant in football recruiting, but more and more colleges are running their own combines to get the data they want on recruits. If you get invited to a combine on a college campus, be ready to compete! This could be your scholarship offer in the waiting.

Why a college camp won’t help with recruiting?

If you haven’t talked with a college coach at all, and they send you information about a camp that looks like an automated email, then the chances are you are on a mailing list. You might want to attend the camp because it is your favorite college program, but don’t go there expecting to gain valuable recruiting points. It looks good for a college program when they have 500 recruits show up to a camp, plus it is a good revenue stream for the school. Just be cautious about which camps you attend. Don’t waste your time going to college camps if you have had zero communication with the coaching staff.

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