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We are seeking motivated individuals that share our passion for helping high school athletes with the college recruiting process. As a RecruitLook scout, you will be relied upon to help student-athletes and their parents as they navigate the college recruiting process. If you are organized, honest, motivated, and work hard then apply now! As a scout, you are helping a student-athlete secure their future plans with an athletic scholarship; therefore, any candidate that is willing to put in the work to make things happen is welcome to apply. Our RecruitLook Scouts:

  1. Have the passion to help others
  2. Have access to high school athletes
  3. Have connections to individuals and/or companies that work with high school athletes
  4. Are willing to attend high school sporting events to scout new talent
  5. Have the ability to approach strangers, and cold-call recruits to lock in new business
  6. Are detailed-oriented, organized, hard-working, and accessible to student-athletes and parents
  7. Are willing to put on recruiting seminars in their area for teams, groups, schools and organizations

The first step is to submit your Qualification Form. You can also send an email to our office coordinator, Chavez Branche, at to ensure the Scout Qualification Form has been processed. We need to make sure that you are in an area that can sustain growth from year-to-year, and ensure that there are no RecruitLook scouts currently in your area. We have a limited number of scouts based on your region’s census report. Most areas will only have a few scouts.

  1. You need to be passionate about helping high school athletes.
  2. You’ll need to have good contacts. High school prospects do not just fall into your lap. You’ll need to be proactive in finding new clients, and having contacts to get to the athletes is a must. Good contacts are: high school coaches, AAU teams, family friends with high school students, and sporting event promoters.
  3. Time. You have to dedicate time to your job. You will spend a considerable amount of time getting prospects to sign up, but it doesn’t stop there. As a scout, you will be working one-on-one with athletes and parents to ensure the athlete gets scholarship offers. If you don’t have the time to do this then don’t.
  4. Ability to evaluate talent. Not every high school prospect is suitable to play college sports. There are several factors that come into play when a college coach evaluates a potential prospect. Not every coach is concerned with how fast a kid can run, or how high he/she can jump. As a RecruitLook scout, you must be able to judge an athlete’s playing ability, their character, and their dedication in the classroom and the community. There is an emphasis on student-athlete.
  5. Travel. You need to have your own transportation. As we have stated before, recruits just don’t show up at your door step, and we don’t believe sitting behind a computer is the best approach to get new talent on board. You’ll need to travel to games, tournaments, and even meet with parents/athletes at their home from time-to-time.

  1. We put our scouts in the best possible situation to get a large number of clients on board. With millions of high school athletes needing recruiting help, attaining the numbers below is practicable.

    • 1 athlete a month = $12,000/year in income
    • 2 athletes a month = $24,000/year in income
    • 4 athletes a month = $48,000/year in income
    • 10 athletes a month = $120,000/year in income
    • 20 athletes a month = $240,000/year in income

  1. We have a high success rate because we take a “hands on” approach with all of our paying members. Unlike other services that put athletes into a database and email blast college scouts (which they hate), we work directly with the athlete and parent to ensure that they are following our road map to success. The college recruiting process is always evolving, and most parents/athletes are unaware of how to adapt to the changes. Most other recruiting services are all about the number of members they have signed up. We are more concerned with the number of quality members that we can help get scholarship offers. If you were a high school athlete, would you rather be on a site that is overcrowded and the success rate of obtaining a scholarship is mediocre, or would you feel more comfortable knowing that you are an exclusive member of a premier recruiting service that is dedicated to a select client base, and that select client base has a substantially higher chance of landing a scholarship? That is why athletes and parents choose RecruitLook over other services.

  1. We do not require scouts to pay us a franchise fee to join our staff. We only require a minimal startup fee to cover your training and marketing pieces. We want you working with us to achieve common goals. You will be in charge of your territory. We are a business that needs to pay bills; therefore, we require payment each month based on the number of athletes you sign. We will take a small percentage of your sales. This will be your “franchise fee” to us. Items included in your startup fee:

    1. Business cards
    2. RecruitLook clipboard
    3. Polo shirts
    4. T-shirts (optional)
    5. Other selected marketing pieces
    6. 5 weeks of recruiting training with the RecruitLook Staff

  1. You get to be your own boss. Your earnings potential is directly related to how hard you work. Some scouts are fine managing a smaller clientele in order to make a nice supplemental income, while other scouts pursue this as a full-time job — which can pay upwards of five figures a month. As a scout, you will be in charge of a certain recruiting region. It will be your job to network, market, and solicit new business in your area.

    Your clients are our clients. We will work with you to ensure that you are maintaining good rapport with your clients. We will provide you with a platform to manage your clientele, along with our “How To” manual for earning a college scholarship.

    Our office will assist from time to time in: data management, NCAA rules knowledge, networking, press credentials, IT support, and client marketing. It is our goal for any RecruitLook member to earn a college scholarship, and we will work to our full potential and explore every avenue possible to ensure that happens.

  1. Prospects that can play at any level (male and female). Most times people think that Division One is the only route to a college scholarship; however, there are more opportunities available throughout the whole college landscape. We are looking for quality student-athletes that are open-minded and willing to work with our unique and trusted recruiting approach. Just because a prospect is projected as a Division One player does not mean that they will not need recruiting assistance. Many D1 players do not know how to get their name out on a national level, and they end up flying under the radar. There are also many factors during the recruiting process with which D1 players will need assistance. For example; social media marketing, leveraging offers, NCAA recruiting rules, and much more.