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Audrey Dayton



High School Name

Sierra Vista

High School Graduation Year



Las Vegas




United States

Primary Sport


Primary Sport Playing Position


Secondary Sports

Track & Field

Secondary Sports Playing Positions

300 Hurdles & Long Jump







Jersey Number


Athletic Awards

Varsity Freshman – 2015 – 2016
Freshman Letter – 2015 – 2016
State Runner Up – 2015 – 2016
Scholar Athlete Award – 2015 – 2016
Best Defensive Player – 2016 – 2017

Track and Field
Freshman Letter – 2015-2016
Coaches Award – 2015 -2016
Regionals Qualifier – 300 Hurdles, Long Jump, 4×400, 4×200 2015-2016
State Qualifier – 300 Hurdles, Long Jump, 4×400, 4×200 2015-2016
State Championships 4th Place 300 Hurdles, 3rd Place Long Jump 2015-2016
High School Athlete of the month – May 2016
Team MVP – 2016-2017
Regional Qualifier – 300 Hurdles, Long jump, 4×400, 4×200 – 2016-2017
State Qualifier – Long Jump, 4×400 – 2016-2017
State Championships – 7th Place Long Jump, 4th Place 4×400 – 2016-2017
Sierra Vista 300 Hurdle Record Holder

Academic High School

Sierra Vista High School

High School GPA

3.3/3.86 (weighted)

SAT Score

PSAT – 1200 Reading/English – 640 Math – 560

Favorite Subjects


Desired College Major

Sports Medicine
Elementary Education

Academic Achievements

Scholar Athlete
National Junior Honor Society
Advanced Honors Diploma (2019) (required AP and Honors courses)

About Me

I was born into a family where my parents knew nothing but sports. As a little girl, I wanted to play every sport I could. I started with soccer, loved it and out ran all the boys. I soon decided to try gymnastics. Little did I know, this sport would give me the base I needed to accomplish what I have today. Gymnastics was hard, long hours and extreme balance and coordination was a must. I was a level 8 and my body was hurting. I grew 5 inches in just 7 months. You don’t see very many tall gymnasts. The doctor said I wasn’t done growing so I knew it was time to hang the grips and move on. Volleyball wasn’t just a sport for me to try, it turned into my passion. I started playing in 8th grade and developed in one season what takes most players 3 years. Next thing I knew, I was on my High School Varsity volleyball team as a Freshman.
It wasn’t over yet. There was one more sport I wanted to try so I tried out for Track and Field as a Freshman. Before I knew it, I broke the 300 Hurdle record for my high school, qualified for Regionals and was the only Freshman running the 300 Hurdles and Long Jump at State Championships. Its not just running, its so much more and I can honestly say I love track as much as I do volleyball. At one point I was forced to choose and I couldn’t. Here I am, still playing an competing both and loving every minute of it.


I love to travel and see new cities. Of course, going to the beach is always on the top of my list as well as going to the lake and wakeboarding.

Favorite Pro Teams

My father has always told us, no matter how good or bad they are, we are to be die hard San Francisco 49er fans!!!

Favorite College Teams

In my house, we always love watching any sport from BYU, Utah, UCLA and USC.

Favorite Athletes

I love Sydney McLaughln. She was the youngest athlete at the Olympic Trials and ran the 400 Hurdles. I also love Kerri Walsh-Jennings. She loves volleyball so much that she is still playing sand.

Favorite Sports Memory

I was a freshman new at track and was always told not to expect much and maybe, if I worked hard, I could qualify for Regionals. There wasn’t a lot of pressure on me but I knew I could make it to Regionals. Before I knew it, not only did I qualify for Regionals, I took first place and was the only Freshman that made State Championships in the 300 hurdles.

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