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We are hiring for the following positions:

RecruitLook Scout

We are seeking motivated individuals that share our passion for helping high school athletes with the college recruiting process. As a RecruitLook scout, you will be relied upon to help student-athletes and their parents as they navigate the college recruiting process. If you are unorganized, dishonest, lazy, lack motivation then do not apply to be a RecruitLook Scout. As a scout, you are helping a student-athlete secure their future plans with an athletic scholarship; therefore, any candidate that is not willing to put in the work to make things happen…need not apply. As a RecruitLook Scout you must:

  • You need to have the passion to help others
  • You need to have access to high school athletes
  • You need to have connections to individuals and/or companies that work with high school athletes
  • You have to be willing to attend high school sporting events to scout new talent
  • You need to have the ability to approach strangers, and cold-call recruits to lock in new business
  • You have to be detailed-oriented, organized, hard-working, and accessible to student-athletes and parents
  • Willing to put on recruiting seminars in your area for teams, groups, schools and organizations
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How you will be helping student-athletes