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3 Ways to Navigate the College Recruiting Process

1.) Hope that it works out.  Hope that a college coach finds you.
This is a complete roll of the dice.  Very rare does a college coach just stumble on a recruit.  This is the riskiest of the 3 ways, and we do not recommend this strategy unless you are a “Blue-Chip” athlete.  Success rate: 0-10% 

2.) Attempt to navigate the recruiting process on your own.
Use what you know and your contacts to get connected with college coaches.  There are a lot of free blogs and articles on the internet (we have them on RecruitLook too) for athletes to gather information on how to start the recruiting process.  However, no blog can fully prepare an athlete with every aspect of the college recruiting process.  The recruiting industry is too competitive these days, and good athletes are getting passed over because they lack the proper guidance.  Success rate: 20-40%

3.) Hire a college scouting company.
Let a professional help you through the recruiting process.  This is typically what most athletes and parents actually need. This isn’t a monthly subscription, or paying a scouting service to email blast your info (college coaches hate the email blast).  Find a scouting company that will guide you every step through the college recruiting process.  You need a personal recruiting coach that knows how to successfully navigate the college recruiting process.  This will significantly increase your scholarship chances.  
At RecruitLook, our success rate with athletes is:  95%.

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