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2 Tips to Finding More Scholarship Dollars

If you have been offered a full ride in terms of scholarship money then skip this article because there is nothing here for you to read.  Anything less than a full ride and take your time to read these 2 tips to finding more scholarship dollars.

1) One of the biggest returns a student athlete can receive is a great S.A.T. score or A.C.T. score.  Proving yourself on a national level to be more prepared for post secondary education comes with it’s own reward and it is usually in the form of $$$.  Just like any sport the more time you dedicate to your sport the  better. S.A.T. (or A.C.T.) is the same thing, the more time you dedicate to preparation the higher your score will be and $$$.

Helpful ACT and SAT information

2) Create a great highlight tape.  This may sound simple but most highlight tapes are full junk and stat oriented plays.  A great highlight tape will display fantastic fundamentals with a keen focus on displaying athletic ability.  These are the kind of highlight tapes that standout to coaches because that is what they are looking for.  Give the coaches what they want in return for more $$$.

Tips on creating a Highlight Video